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St. George is a city in southwestern Utah. Nearby Snow Canyon State Park offers trails, dunes and red sandstone cliffs. Sand Hollow State Park features a large reservoir. Stately 19th-century buildings such as the Pioneer Courthouse and Brigham Young Winter Home dot downtown. The St. George Art Museum houses historical photos and works by regional artists. Zion National Park, with canyons and streams, lies northeast.

Tourism, new home construction, and manufacturing are the mainstays of the local economy. Over a dozen golf courses open year-round, as well as several world-renowned events, contribute significantly to the city's economy.

SkyWest Airlines is based in St. George and serves as the major airline at the city's regional airport. Walmart maintains a distribution center in the city. At the same time, Family Dollar has constructed a distribution center in the Fort Pierce Industrial Park to better service the southwest region of the United States.

The primary offices of the Washington County School District are located in the city. In 1997, the Cafe Rio restaurant franchise was founded in St. George.

Local Businesses in St. George, UT
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