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Kanab, UT

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The county seat and a city in Kane County, Utah, is Kanab. Just beyond the Arizona state line, on Kanab Creek, is where it is situated. Ten Mormon families migrated into the region in 1870 after the area was initially colonized in 1864, at which point the town was established. Fort Kanab was constructed in 1864 on the east bank of Kanab Creek for defense against the Indians and as a base for the exploration of the region. Its name is derived from a Paiute word meaning "place of the willows." At the time of the 2010 Census, there were 4,312 residents; in 2018 there were about 4,798.


The unemployment rate in Kanab is 3.2%. 6.0% is the US average.

Over the past year, the job market in Kanab has grown by 1.7%. The projected rate of job growth over the next ten years is 38.4%, which is greater than the 33.5% US average.

Economy in Kanab, Utah
Economy in Kanab, Utah

Official website: https://kanab.utah.gov/

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