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Cedar City Economic Development


Distribution and manufacturing, small business, tourism, and construction are essential parts of Cedar City's economy. Southern Utah University, the county's largest employer, is one of Cedar City's most important assets (Iron County). The economic effect of tourism in Cedar City is significant since the city receives around 4 million tourists each year from adjacent national parks.

The Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Larry H. Miller Utah Summer Games, the Neil Simon Festival, the Cedar Livestock Heritage Festival, and many more events make Cedar City renowned as "Festival City, USA."

In Cedar City, there are several Greatest Opportunities for Economic Growth.

Small Business Development

To continue to grow small business endeavors in the region, the Cedar City-Iron County Office of Economic Development collaborates with Southern Utah University's Business Resource Center and the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED). There is also a Tech Up Southern Utah club in Cedar City, a support organization for businesses looking for local employment and networking.


Since 1988, attracting and retaining manufacturing enterprises in and around Cedar City has been a key goal, and it remains so today.

Renewable Energy

Over twelve solar energy power plants have been erected in Iron County in recent years, owing to the county's abundance of solar resources and willingness/support for renewable energy incentives and projects.


Tourism has a significant part in the current and future economic growth of Cedar City. The Cedar City-Brian Head Tourism Bureau works hard to ensure that the area continues to draw people from all over the world.

The tourism and economic benefits of the Shakespearean Festival's rise have prompted the creation of new events to capitalize on the burgeoning tourism sector. The arts and the notion of "Festival City, USA'' remain viable components of Cedar City's economic structure. The Neil Simon Festival, SkyFest, the Utah Summer Games, the American Family Fest, the Great American Stampede, and the Cedar City Livestock and Heritage Festival, among others, are expanding their offerings in the shape of new festivals and celebrations.